2 Ways the 2022 Economic Woes Affected Your Retirement Accounts

The 2022 economic climate has been bumpy for most and, in some cases, even bumpier for retirees. Americans and the world at large dealt with the economic ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine war, post-pandemic industrial effects, and rising inflation and interest rates. As the year ends, it's important to understand how these economic factors may have affected [...]

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Turning 59.5? Here are the Factors to Consider

Approaching 60 is an exciting time. Not only does it come with more wisdom and thrill for a new chapter of life, but it also presents important financial decisions that can affect your life in retirement. If you are turning 59.5 this year, you will become eligible to withdraw from your retirement accounts without penalty. [...]

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The Value of Opening a Roth IRA at the End of the Year

These days, retirement planning will likely involve Individual Retirement Accounts in one way or another. Whether you’re looking to roll over a 401(k), optimize your withdrawal timing, or take advantage of catch-up contributions, your IRA strategy may be one of the main components of your income strategy. So, let’s talk about the Roth IRA and [...]

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Thinking About Retirement? The Basics of Financial Literacy Are Your North Star

Working towards retirement, you may have a detailed plan on how to manage your finances so that you have enough saved by the time you leave the workforce. With no external income coming in, there will be a new rulebook on how to manage your retirement earnings, expenses, and investments – not just so that [...]

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Inflation Presents Unique Risks – Know How You’ll Respond

If your weekly grocery bill is noticeably higher or you can’t believe how expensive gas is, you’re not alone. Inflation is at 40-year highs, and a recent poll found that 52% of Americans said the most important issue facing the country is inflation. It’s significant that so many Americans recognized inflation as a major threat [...]

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